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Sugar High Friday: January 25, 2008
Baking With Candy

CandyRecapper is hosting this month's Sugar High Friday!! Sugar High Fridays are an awesome blog event started by Jennifer, the Domestic Goddess. You know you're good when you can make people call you that. Seriously, it was a requirement for hosting.

And what a massive blog event it is. I've been signed up to host January since last summer, because it was the earliest month that was open! I'm in fabulous company, too - the first one I did was hosted by David Lebovitz, whose book The Perfect Scoop has been talked up like crazy on the blogosphere and is proudly displayed at my favorite ice cream joint in the whole world.

I've participated in SHF twice before. I've used it as an excuse to make candy that I really like, and a way to get rid of candy that did not fare so well. Now it's your turn! You can do anything you want, as long as you use some kind of store-bought candy in it.

If you fill a bowl with unwrapped candy and call it a trifle, I will accept it. But if two or more of you do it, I will have to make you fight to the death. With sharpened candy canes.

Send submissions to gambini at gmail dot com by the 25th. If you don't want me to just use the picture you used in your blog entry, email me the picture of your choice. (Of course, you don't have to use a picture anywhere at all - I rarely do.) Other than that, just send a permanent link to your entry, your blog's name, and your own name! A roundup of all the entries will be posted here on Friday, January 28th. Enjoy!