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Thanks to everyone who participated in Sugar High Friday! I started a new job so I have been working on this round up for a whole week - but it is finally done!! Thanks for your patience as well. Everything here sounds really yummy - and it came from all over the world! I got so excited about it that I decided to put people's locations right before the picture of their food, at least where I could see where they were from.

Cakelaw of Laws of the Kitchen made a quirky, quintessentially Australian Jaffa Cake! It has jaffa candies inside and out, which confused me because I would have sworn I was told jaffa cakes were cookies. I am learning something new every day! The cake is complete with beautiful "icing" letters made from cut-out strawberry fruit bars. I need to try that! (Australia!)

Allen over at Eating Out Loud made cake from his leftover holiday candy! Using, if you can believe it, crushed candy canes, mint patties, Hersheys, and Rollos. CAN you believe it? It sounds like it would work with anything! (California, US!)

Ann of the awesomely-named Redacted Recipes (I love the word "redacted!" Also "recuse.") made Banana Peanut Butter Cupcakes using peanut butter cups! yummms. And a mashed-up banana! And buttermilk! Now this is baking. (New York, US!)

Kelly of Sass and Veracity made... are you ready for this?.... Godiva-Truffled Cheesecake Confections. The truffles came in hazelnut praline, maple walnut, french vanilla, gingerbread, cappuccino, roasted almond, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate flavors, which is why I think Godiva is just about one step up from See's. But as a cheesecake ingredient, I think they may have found their niche! (US)

Astra Libris of Food For Laughter did the coolest thing: healthy, fluffy cookies full of sesame candy. omigod. Personally I would substitute butter as a healthy alternative to margarine, which has some nasty chemical attributes, but regardless, I so want to try these. Yum! ("The Deep South," US)

Helen of the deliciously named Tartelette made Toffee-Butterscotch Pudding at the insistence of her mail carrier! And gave him one of the puddings! I wish we had a regular mail carrier. Here in the big city (that would be Oakland) they change them up on us every few weeks. Maybe I just need to start getting cute food magazines in the mail myself! (South Carolina, US, by way of France!)

Maggie of applesticker made Werther's Originals Shortbread using crunchy hard butterscotch candies that turned all melty and chewy in the oven like magic! That sounds so buttery and sweet and good! AND THEN SHE ADDED CHOCOLATE GANACHE. Pure genius!

Susan of Food Blogga made warm, melty Snickers cookies. Oh my god - easy and yummy. Everyone's food sounds so good! Plus she talks about Wonder Woman. My girlfriend gave me Wonder Woman pajamas! I consider that a shout-out. Hmm; I am seriously considering making these WITH chocolate chips. Holy gods. (California, by way of Rhode Island, US!)

Holly at the cutely-named phe\MOM\enon made the even funnier Molten Chocolate Reisens for Living. Along with the cutest story behind the name. So much cute and funny! (Utah, US!)

Arfi of HomeMadeS didn't use storebought candy, but if you make this hokey pokey and break it over ice cream you can pretend it is store-bought! Of course, I don't know why else you would ever pretend that. Only three ingredients and so yummy-looking! (New Zealand!)

Can you believe it? Chris from Mele Cotte made Almond Joy! Or "Almond Delight," to avoid copyright issues. I totally love the chutzpah of using candy to make candy. It's candy SQUARED! (Georgia, US!)

Meeta at What's For Lunch Honey?, which has an especially colorful and pretty header, made a Chocolate Cranberry Tart using a Milka candy bar. I think the candied ginger might also count! Yum - and so fancy! (Germany!)

Emma at The Chef and The Photographer made Brownie Bites with toffee pieces in half the batch and peppermint patty chunks in the other batch. OMG. Shades of Dr. Frankenbrownie's Mintsters! But she made actual food with them rather than a melted-down chocolate monstrosity! (Oregon, US!)

Sarah from What Smells So Good? totally made Canadian Banana-Coffee Cake. Canadian cake? More like Candyian cake! (I am pretty sure that qualified as a joke. I won't swear to it.) Is it Canadian because it uses Coffee Crisp bars? We have those here, but Internet says that it is marketed mainly in Canada so I guess I will accept that interpretation! This is also really adorable because she uses the springform pan her husband gave her for Christmas and sticks the cake in the freezer to save for Valentine's. Cute, cute, cute! (Canada!)

Jackie at made Rocky Road Delight, an easy way to use up leftover Halloween candy. Bonus points for using store-bought frozen whipped topping as well as store-bought candies in here! This is a great buy-it-and-melt-it kind of recipe. (California, US!)

Linda at Make Life Sweeter! used crushed hard candies to make beautiful jewels in this candy crown cookie, complete with really adorable pictures of her son posing with the cookie over his head. (The Netherlands!)

Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything (At Least Once) made Rocky Road, in a way I'd never seen before. Instead of the American concoction of chocolate studded with walnuts and marshmallows, apparently Australians mix marshmallows, nuts, chocolate, and TURKISH DELIGHT?!? Haalo made it into a gorgeous stained-glass creation by using pink and white marshmallows and white chocolate to set off the colors of the turkish delight. (Australia!)

Sneak Preview for Next SHF! Rachel at Vampituity, an Improvised Perspective will host February 2008's Sugar High Friday. Get ready to create "Pies That Evoke Your Dreams." Inspired by the movie the Waitress, starring Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion, SHF participants and readers will be asked top make a voluntary donation to Mission Pie, a non-profit dedicated to education of youth about the connection between the food we eat and the land, as well as sustainability and slow food. More information on the Pies Project at: http://piesthatevokeyourdreams.blogspot.com. Watch http://vampituity.blogspot.com for the SHF February 2008 announcement!